When is a workout marked as complete?

Video and audio workouts are considered complete when you have viewed at least 80% of the workout. PDF workouts are considered complete once you click “complete and rate”.

For the 5 workout sessions subscription, each time you complete a workout it is deducted from your monthly allotment of 5 workout sessions.

Each time you finish a workout the coach is paid.

You may do the same workout more than once; however, each time you complete the workout, it will be marked as complete and be deducted from your count.

Example: If you have watched a video or listened to an audio file for at least 80% of its total duration and exited, it is considered complete. If you go back and do that same workout again for at least 80% of its duration, it is considered complete. If you then finish a PDF workout and click “complete and rate”, it is considered complete. In this example, you would have 2 out of 5 workout sessions left for the month. 

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